Ladies$44.00 & up
Cut & Go$35.00 & up
Men$25.00 & up
Styling$28.00 & up
Formal Styling$55.00 & up
Up-dos$65.00 & up
Kids Cuts 
1 - 5 Years Old$15.00
Girls 6 - 9 Years Old$25.00 & up
Boys 6 - 9 Years Old$20.00
Girls 10 - 13 Years Old$30.00 & up
Boys 10 -13 Years Old$20.00
Hair Color 
Single Process$45.00 & up
Glaze$45.00 & up
Glaze Over Color$25.00 & up
Inoa Color$50.00 & up
Double Process$68.00 & up
Full Foil Highlights$120.00 & up
Partial Highlights$90.00 & up
Frame Highlights$70.00 & up
Men Highlights$40.00 & up
Keratin Treatment$175.00 & up
Ombre$120.00 & up
Color Correction 
Color CorrectionPriced by Consultation
Keratin Blowout$75.00 & up
Perm$75.00 & up
Straightening$75.00 & up
Conditioning Treatments 
Deep Conditioning$15.00
Power Dose$18.00
Scalp Treatment (Oil or Dry)$15.00
So. Cap. ExtensionsPriced by Consultation
Single Strand Application$10.50 each
Extensions Removal$80.00 per hour
Bridal Services 
Hair Trial$70.00 & up
Wedding Day$80.00 & up
Makeup Trial$55.00 & up
Wedding Day$55.00 & up
Makeup Applications$55.00 & up
Eyelash Applications$20.00
Lip & Chin$8.00 each
Eyebrow Shaping$12.00

Quality of Service!

Studio M Salon backs all of our services with a 100% guarantee within five days of service. If you wait longer than five days, we cannot guarantee a free correction service. If for any reason, you are not happy with the services that you received, please contact Studio M Salon. We will take the opportunity to rectify the situation by fixing what you feel needs to be done.

We do not provide case refunds for services. However, we will provide a service correction at no cost to the client!